Carousel Dreams!

   A21                        A22                       A23



       A16                                   A17                                 A18

         B1                              B2                                    B4                              B5                                 B6

                     A30                               A31                         A32                       A33                            A34

Butterflies & Flowers...

                         J9                                     J10                                   J11                                       J12

          A6                                  A7                                 A8                                  A9                            A10

       US04                                       US05

Dog Gone Cute!


                 J1                                        J2                                      J3                                               J4

       D18                                D19                                 D20                       D21                                 D22

$2.00 each 3/$5.00...

Mixed bag of 20 only $10.00!

(includes shipping!)

         SL18                                     SL19                                          SL20                                          SL21

                 J13                                        J14                                       J15                                    J16



        D1                             D2                            D3                                 D4                                D5

            H6                                H7                                H8

   SL01                                   SL02                                        SL04                                      SL05

           G4                                                     G5                                                             G6


                  US01                                                     US02                                                  US03

         A1                                A2                        A3                                   A4                                   A5

Catch of the Day!

          SL10                              SL11                                     SL12                                                SL13

       A13                              A14                                  A15

            R1                                R2                                                R3                                           R4

                        R5                                R6                                   R7                                  R8

                        R9                               R10                                  R11                                  R12     


         R13                                       R14                                    R15                                      R16

                R17                                                           R18                                                     R19

              R20                                     R21                                        R22                                       R23

                    R24                                                            R25                                                R26

              R27                                    R28                                     R29                                        R30


Just For Fun!

          US07                                US08

       B7                                     B8                                               B9


       B12                                   B13                                       B14                                             B15

           C1                                        C2                                C3                                   C4

         D38                              D39                                     D40                                              D41

                        G1                                                        G2                                                   G3

     A11                      A12

Wild Wonders!

Magnets are laminated...approximately 3"x3" or larger!...(please be sure to indicate item #)

    A24                      A25                     A26

              H1                                 H2                                   H3                       H4                           H5


For the Birds!

            D33                           D34                                 D35                              D36                        D37

                   A19                                            A20

Shall We Dance?

              J5                                      J6                                      J7                                               J8

            SL06                             SL07                                       SL08                                      SL09

            D23                            D24                               D25                       D26                            D27

           C5                                C6                                     C7                                  C8

           K1                             K2                               K3                                K4                              K5

                   A27                                                  A28                                               A29

         SL14                                 SL15                                   SL16                                               SL17


                 K6                               K7                                  K8                                          K9

            D28                             D29                            D30                         D31                                D32

                         F5                                F6                                     F7                                         F8

              L1                             L2                                L3                                 L4                               L5

               L6                                L7                                 L8                                L9                            L10

             L11                                           L12                                         L13                                        L14

                       L15                                      L16                                    L17                                      L18

               L19                                    L20                                    L21                                            L22

       D6                    D7                        D8                           D9                       D10                            D11 

Teddy Bear Love!

            F1                                          F2                                              F3                                            F4

Funky Frogs!

       D12                       D13                         D14                      D15                       D16                         D17