This was a commissioned work for a dentist who was retiring...the whole thing was approximately

7 inches tall at it's highest point.

It just fit perfectly in a glass display case used for football display!

The drawers and cabinets actually open and close...


20" tall...



(each approx. 12" tall...)


I call this "Albino Deere"

it's about 10 inches long altogether...and all the wheels turn!

Paper Pottery!

Just keep scrolling!

This one is about 6 inches tall...

*Note the clothespin for scale...

And all these wheels and gears turn!

This Open Diorama Style sculpture is 10 inches wide x 6 inches deep...

it has been hand-woven with very tiny strips of paper...

             Grooviness!                                          Dolphin's Dream!                                  Country Garden!

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  Emmit Smiles!                        Albino Dear!                                       Mod!

< approx. 8" tall >

                 Proud As...                                                 Oracle!                                                     Sail On!

A Bike...A Scooter...A Tricycle..

And A Skateboard!

They all add up to:


(and they all turn/spin etc...)

                 Flirt!                                     Native Spirit!                                              Cylinder!

About 6 inches tall...

Merry! Merry!

I Love Miniatures!!!

These are examples of projects that are so intricately detailed...and SMALL...they actually come with magnifying glasses!

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to discuss a project of your own!

Ornithology Unleashed!

             Iron Butterfly!                                                                                                 Aloha!

"Native Spirit"

Sits on a base measuring 9" x 6"